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LanKeyIT, LLC strives to provide customers with well known high quality technologies to maintain reliable business continuity. HP servers and workstations ensure users with reliable and durable equipment to store data, perform tasks, and maintain a highly functioning I.T. system. Cisco networking gear, when configured correctly, provides the best network performance. Popular disaster/recovery products like StorageCraft and Datto; Antivirus product like Trend WFBS are used to minimize threats, downtime, and avoid catastrophies.

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Being a Managed Services Partner is like having your own inhouse I.T. for a fraction of the cost. It allows LanKeyIT to proactively monitor systems and implement fixes before they become catastrophic failures.

The RMM Agent

ConnectWise Automate is used as the "Remote Management Software. This software allows LanKeyIT, LLC to automate the monitoring process of all mission critical devices. It can be configured to find issues and either auto-fix or create a support ticket and notify. This software streamlines the process of administering client systems and greatly lowers the cost.